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Monday 23 Sep 2019 6:30 pm — 8:00 pm
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Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560 071 India
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+91 98865 99675 bic@bangaloreinternationalcentre.org

Time stands still when the EYM trio go on stage. EYM Trio creates a very personal and captivating universe paying full respect to the masters of jazz history. They strike a perfect balance between beautiful harmonies and terrific rhythms – Playfulness, sensitivity in the sound and eloquent, creative improvisation keep their audiences spellbound.

About EYM: 

Formed in France in 2010, EYM Trio is the union of the pianist Elie Dufour, the double bassist Yann Phayphet and drummer Marc Michel. In a short time, they created a strong repertoire including personal compositions, covers and creations inspired by ethnic influences of Jazz with colours from North Africa, Bulgaria, Romania, and India.

In character and creation, EYM Trio imbibes the rhythmic influences of Jazz masters throughout history; the genius of the historic jazz figures deeply inspires them. There is great intentional diversity in their compositions and improvisations, thus making their music aesthetically pleasing and inviting.

About Pragrup Foundation:

The Pragrup Foundation nurtures a socially engaged and culturally rooted civil society across India and overseas. We commit to make a tangible impact on civil society, citizen initiatives, public opinion and policy proposals and combat the fragmenting forces jeopardizing peace and social progress in India.

Advocacy is the groundwork for everything we create a central position for culture and community participation at a local level and consecutively contributing to the Indian policies. We support cultural change-makers and their projects through our grants, exchanges, online platforms and our incubator program. We highlight stellar examples of culture as a force of positive change through our ‘Award for Culture.’ We connect people to people and grassroots to policy with the aim of bridging the divide for the economically weaker sections of our society.



Elie Dufour


Born in Guilherand-Granges (France) on September 20th, 1989, Elie Dufour has been passionate since age 6  about the piano. Rocked by the recordings of Claude Nougaro, Ella Fitzgerald, Fats Waller and Miles Davis  he began to study jazz on his own, at the same time as long studied the classic piano. From an early age, he already improvised on classic pieces which were proposed to him during his studies. It is after 14 years that he decide to dash fully on jazz and from then learnt a lot from masters such as Eric Moulin, Olivier Truchot, Mario Stantchev, Franck Avitabile, Mulgrew Miller, Jason Lindner.

He is passionate about the music of the world. He fell in love with afro-Cuban rhythms during a tour in Latin America as well as with claves flamencas and gnawa during a tour in Andalusia. He dashed then into a pushed learning of the musics of Eastern Europe the asymetric claves, the foundations and the subtleties that he now perfectly integrates.

Today, mixed with the jazz, all these styles are an integral part of his piano skills, that he develops with his band -EYM trio and with whom he recorded his first disk of personal compositions “Genesi ” in the studio Artesuono in Udine (Italy) in 2013.

Very active on the French and European stages since 2011, we can regularly see him with EYM trio, Revival Motown, Voodoo Kasstou, Grabben Orchestra as well as in association with musicians such as Mohamed Abozekry, Mario Stantchev apart from solo concerts. 

He was awarded at the festival Jazz à Vienne, as well as in the Golden Trophy and, quite recently was the  prize-winner of the springboard young talents of the Festival Jazz in Saint Germain, in the national competition of the Defense Jazz Festival and the Festival Jazz of Gexto.

Yann Phayphet


Yann Phayphet decided to pursue music after studying engineering for a few years. Born in Lyon, Phaypet learned and played during his education at ENM of Villeurbanne, and the National Academy of Lyon at the instigation of Jérôme Regard.

Phayphet develops a jazz sound with a very binary background uncommon for a double bassist. His diverse project collaborations display the variation in style and composition. With double bass and electric bass within various groups of distinct aesthetics, Phaypet has collaborated with Electrophazz (nude soul / hip-hop), Mahssi (Latin fusion), Thibault Saby quartet (modern jazz), and many more talented bands.

He has toured in the United States, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany etc.

With EYM trio, he recorded “Genesi” in 2013. He is also the prize-winner of the springboard young talents of the Festival Jazz in Saint Germain des Prés, the national competition of The Defense Jazz Festival and the Festival Jazz to Gexto.

Marc Michel


Born in the Puy en Velay (France) in October, 1986, it is at the age of 4 that Marc Michel was introduced to the music and in particular to the guitar that he learned on his own, thanks to his father, folk guitarist.

He begins the battery with 10 years old, leading in parallel studies of classic percussions, writing and chamber music, disciplines in which he will obtain numerous prices of academies (Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon – where he meets the future EYM trio – and Paris).

After having studied with great masters such as Sangoma Everett, Ari Hoenig, Clarence Penn, he is offered a grant in Master’s degree of jazz in the Royal Academy of Music in London. Over there he goes alongside and plays with, among others, Larry Goldings, Dave Holland, Will Vinson, Nikki Isles, John Taylor, John Hollenbeck in prestigious clubs of the city as Ronnie Scott, The The Vortex, Oliver’s etc. He also works since few years with big jazzmen of the French and international scenes as Jim Rotondi, Damon Brown, Zhenya Strigalev. He played (in particular with EYM trio) in tours which led him in Italy, Croatia, England (Queen Elisabeth hall), Spain, Switzerland, Germany and in the French clubs among which the Sunside, Le Baiser Salé, hot club in Lyon, l’Upercut in Marseilla etc.

Distinguishing him by an impeccable technique, a big polyrhythmic ease, as well as by his musicality, he is also a composer, drawing his inspiration from the culture he met on his path. Multi-versatile, he also plays the guitar, the piano and the classic percussions.

In 2013 he records the album ” Genesi ” with EYM trio in wich he signs the theme “Pocket Waltz”.

Together they are prize-winners in 2015 of the springboard young talents of the Festival Jazz in Saint Germain des Prés, the national competition of the Defense Jazz Festival as well as the Festival Jazz to Gexto.