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Educationist & artist
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Academician & writer

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Sunday Sun, 16 Feb 2020


Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560 071 India
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+91 98865 99675 bic@bangaloreinternationalcentre.org
Bharataagamana: The Arrival of Bharata
To uphold the words of his father Dasharatha, Rama renounces the kingdom and embraces Vanavasa. His wife Sita and brother Lakshamana accompany him. Bharata who was away during this time, repents for the doings of his mother Kaikeyi, decides to meet Rama in the forest and bring him back to Ayodhya. The Episode examines, the duties of the kings, the family values and the ethics involved by following right Means to achieve the right Ends.

Tala – Maddale (tALa -maddaLé):

Tala-Maddale is a unique variant  derived from the ancient art of Yakshagana. Popular in coastal and Malnad areas of Karnataka, it relies solely on music and dialogue, which is impromptu, between players gifted with a profound understanding of the epics and puranas, a ready reckoning of current affairs and discourses and sparkling wit. A performance features the Bhagavatha (singer), drummers and actors.

Leading scholar and researcher in the field, Dr Prabhakhar Joshi, says Tala Maddale is ”Yakshagana minus dance, costume and stage conventions.” He also speculates that Tala (Cymbal) – Maddale (Drums) could have evolved prior to Yakshagana. It is believed that  Tala-Maddale  flourishes because, during the monsoon months, lovers of the art miss Yakshagana, which is essentially a performance outdoors. (https://yakshagana.com/talamaddale/)

What is extraordinary about a Tala-Maddale  is that the players meet at the venue on the date of performance, without rehearsals and often, without prior assignment of roles. They can establish conflict between characters from the epics, emerging from a single plot point, and elaborate on it in debates with philosophy, contemporary parallels and pure logic, all in a single performance that could last a couple of hours or the entire night.

The will be a Q & A after the performance in both English and Kannada.

In collaboration with Centre for Film and Drama in association with Heritage Trust as part of ‘Gudiya Sambhrama’ (Celebrating the Temple) festival 2019-20.


Ishwara Bhat S

Educationist & artist

Ishwara Bhat S, is well known and versatile yakshagana artist both as performer in Bayalata and a narrator in Tala‐Maddale. A post graduate in Kannada and Hindi. He served as the principal of Kendirya Vidyalaya. He is well known for his discourses on Indian Mythology. He is an educationist who trains youngsters in Tala‐Maddale.

M L Samaga

Writer & performer

Prof ML Samaga, retired professor of English and Principal MGM college Udupi hails from the family of well known Yakshagana exponents. He is a writer and a critic, who has been performing as an artist for the last fifty years. He has performed Yakshagana in several countries and served as the President of Karnataka Yakshagana Academy. He is a recipient of many honours and awards.

K E Radhakrishna

Academician & writer

Prof. K E Radhakrishna, retired Professor of English and the Principal of Sheshadripuram and Surana colleges, is a well known academician, writer, orator and artist. He is recipient of many awards for his contribution in the field of Literature and education. Few of his Literary works have won awards