BIC’s vision was framed by a group of like-minded civic leaders, educators, professionals, government officials, artists, academics and thinkers, who felt that Bengaluru deserved an institution that encouraged the intellect, facilitated an open dialogue and stimulated the senses.


BIC is a socially conscious, responsible and enlightened organisation that is:

  • A platform that reflects the ethos and culture of Bangalore as a dynamic, futuristic, aspirational and growing metropolis
  • A premier, “go-to” place for informed conversations, arts and culture
  • A distinctive, independent institution that embraces the highest standards of governance and citizenship


The BIC platform fosters intellectual activity, dialogue, cultural enterprise and innovation.
Over 750 quality programs including talks, discussions, performances, film screenings and explorations on varied subjects have been held since inception.

Our programs expose decision makers and citizens to diverse fields and points of view.These events are free and can be attended by all – members and non-members, reflecting BIC’s inclusive approach.


The Bangalore International Centre (BIC) a neutral, non-profit, member and donor supported public institution was founded in November, 2005 to enhance dialogue and foster ideas across cultures, religions, regions, societies and economies.

BIC was inaugurated by Former President of India, the Late Abdul Kalam. The Energy Resources Institute (TERI) has hosted BIC since its inception.

In 2019 BIC has completed the construction of its new building. This 48,000 sq feet, GRIHA rated premises has been made possible with the generous support from donors, members, institutions and firms.